10 Best Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon Doctors list in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi Guys, Are you looking for the best Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon in Dhaka? Well, you are in the right place. There are many Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon in our country are currently excelling, that it’s very hard to decipher which one is the best Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon Specialist in Bangladesh. As you know, the Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon is usually Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. From this post, we will show you the list of the Best Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Top 10 Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon in Dhaka

In this part, we will share a list of the top 10 Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon Doctors in Bangladesh that will give you a better understanding of where these Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon Doctors nearby you. Here you will easily find the dental specialist Consultant’s Qualifications, Chambers, and Hospitals with the direct contact details. Recently, we have also published the Breast Surgeon Specialist Doctors on our site.

10 Best Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon Doctors list in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sammi says

  • What high school subjects would you focus on to become this specialty as a career?

Dr. Anton Scheepers says

  • Maths, Science (physics/chemistry), biology (life sciences).
  • liz12345554323443234 says
  • Hey what if you are not doing all the science subject at school? Like I only did perquisites to get into the course
  • I want for example, the course I want to do only says I need a study score of 25 for Chemistry and Math
  • Methods that’s it. Can you still become a Cardiothoracic surgeon with these?

Holly Helscher says

  • What is important is that you show a trend toward taking science courses in high school and then focusing on
  • them in college. Not having a lot of science in high school doesn’t prevent you from becoming a cardiothoracic
  • surgery. But it may cause you to be a little less prepared when you enter college. Medical school candidates
  • who do well in sciences in high school tend to do well in college. Nevertheless, once you are in college, take as
  • many science courses as possible to catch up and ensure you maintain high grades. You can overcome a lack of
  • science courses in high school with careful and intentional science course selection early in your college career.
  • With that plan you can still become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Felicia says

  • Hey I just wanted to ask what the difference between a Cardiothoracic surgeon and a paediatric surgeon?

Holly Helscher says

  • A pediatric surgeon is someone is who specializes in performing surgery on infants, children and young adults
  • (teenagers). As a pediatric surgeon you may choose to focus your career in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery.

Eddie Rego says

  • How many hours would you expect to work per week? Could you potentially take lower pay for lower hours?
  • Lastly, is the stereotype true that cardiothoracic surgeons are always on call (aka, waking up in the middle of
  • the night to perform surgery)? No need to fluff the answers, I am determined to go enter this field,
  • nonetheless!

Dr. Anton Scheepers says

  • Employed: The days of unlimited hours are very much over as it is all the more regulated – and one would be
  • able to work civil hours – like 40-48 a week – (at least in theory – but in reality 50+) and one will be on an after-
  • hours call roster every 2-4 weeks – possibly on a first and second call arrangement.
  • Self employed: Your weekly hours will be more your decision but probably in the region of 60 hours – and one
  • wound team up with other Cardiothoracic surgeons in the area for an after-hours call roster to help
  • referred/emergency patients. Unfortunately one is 24/7 on call for your own patients – you won’t expect
  • another surgeon to get up in the middle of the nigh to stop a bleed on a patient on whom you operated
  • during the day for instance. As a cardiothoracic surgeon you will probably get much more night sleep hours as
  • compared to an Obstetrician.
  • Of course you can work less hours – but somehow one gets in a mode of working hard – as this is the way it
  • goes during your long residency years…
  • (My comments are based on observation over years rather than personal experience (I am a MFOS Surgeon) –
  • any cardiothoracic surgeons want to comment?)

Tatiana says

  • How many hours a week& day do you work?

Dr. Anton Scheepers says

  • I work about 30 – 36 hours a week in my practice – but I am very busy with a lot of other activities and business
  • ventures.
  • Most of my colleagues work double these hours though.

Onthatile Cynthia Matshoge says

  • I really love your article and i’m interested in the career.See i’m a 15 year old girl in grade 9,who would love to
  • become a cardiac surgeon one day,but dont know were to start,which medical school to attend and which
  • scholarship to apply for,my question is were can i apply for my further education.

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